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Sumita Thapar

Media Consultant

Excellent website, many thanks for a great easy-to-navigate resource…


Meesam Abbas Naqvi


DUC, Ghaziabad


It makes us feel a part of a universal campaign and we all are proud of that. It will be really nice that we also have an email link from this site to have uniformity throughout UP for email. Good going IT people ... keep it up....


Rajiv Kumar

DMC, Farrukhabad

This website shows the strength of SMNet. I hope the on line data process will be done soon. Thanks!!


Brajesh Tripathi

DMC, Moradabad

Wonderful work, this site makes our life easier ensuring availability of all important data, formats, reports etc.


Dr. Ahmad Abbas Agha

DUC, Etah

It is a wonderful experience while going through this website and I use the Birth-day link to send greetings to my SMNet colleagues.


Mili Duggal

DMC, Farrukhabad & Kannauj

Awesome work..
I think very good work by guys in the IT and M & E team. I especially liked the B'day link. Good going!! Everything is accessible with a click. Thanks!