Terms of Reference – Administrative Assistant (AA)




Monitor & follow up of all financial issues in the sub region ensuring that there are no instances of financial irregularities/mismanagement at any level of the SMNet, in keeping with the ‘zero tolerance’ policy of UNICEF vis-ŕ-vis financial fraud





YH 201 – Polio Eradication Programme



3.    What is the basic objective to which the consultancy is related?


Administrative Support under Polio Eradication programmes.





Office of Sub-Regional Co-ordinator




Main Tasks:


1. Coordination & Monitoring of CMC Payments:


-                      Timely submission of CMC details and payment schedules to IPE & UNICEF, by 25th of each month.

-                      Monitoring CMC payment disbursements in districts;

-                      Responsibility to ensure that all CMC CVs with photographs are complete for each block.

-                      CMC payment records are complete in all respects.

-                      CMC payment details are e-mailed to UNICEF, Lucknow, after disbursements.


2. SMNet Payments – Prof. Fees, Mobility/contingency/DSA/Telephone claims:


-                      Keep track of all payments in the sub region for each month and promptly follow up with IPE/UNICEF for delays or non-payment.


3. Release of Advance payments /checking & forwarding of budgets:


-                      All budgets i.e. IEC, CMC Training, Poster Pasting etc. will be checked by AAs and then forwarded to SRC/TC for sending to UNICEF, Lucknow.


-                      Track and follow up with UNICEF & IPE for approval and timely release of IEC/ CMC Training/PP/other advance payments.


 4. Checking & Verification of Claims/Bills/Accounts:


-                      Checking of all Mobility/Contingency/DSA/Telephone claims and IEC/CMC Training/Poster Pasting (any other) advance accounts submitted by DMCs/DUCs/TCs on timely basis and forward it to IPE for payment.


-                      Claims/Accounts to be checked for accuracy, genuineness of bills, violation of guidelines, and conformity with approved budgets (in the case of advances).


-                      Checked claims/accounts along with a summary sheet with observations of discrepancies, if any, recommendations for deduction/corrections, as necessary, to be submitted to the SRC for certification.


-                      Timely forwarding of checked & certified claims and accounts to IPE. A tracking matrix to be maintained from date of receipt of bill to date of reimbursement by IPE.


-                      Regular follow up with DMCs/DUCs/TCs for timely submission of claims/ advance accounts.


5. Verification of bills, vouchers, claims and expenditures:


-                      Field visits to be made for physical verification of expenditures and bills. As far as possible, these visits should be combined with field trips for CMC Payment monitoring or Polio round visits.


6. Liquidation of Advances:


-                      Rigorous and meticulous tracking and follow up of all advances issued to DMCs/DUCs/TCs, for timely liquidation. Regular coordination with IPE and concerned SMNet functionary for this purpose.


7. Monitoring of CMC Training/ IEC activities:


-                      Regular monitoring of CMC trainings to match bills and expenditures with actual number of participants, venue rates, approved budget heads.

-                      Monitoring of IEC activities to verify accounts submitted.


8. Polio round Monitoring:


-                      Field visits for monitoring activities during Polio rounds.

-                      Monitoring of poster pasting.


 9. Quotations:


-                      Quotations to be obtained and 2/3 vendors selected in each district for Training venues, photocopying and purchase of stationery. DMCs/DUCs/TCs to use these vendors at the approved quoted rates for training as well as contingency purposes.

-                      Quotations to be obtained and car hiring agencies to be selected for each district for use by DMCs/DUCs/TCs.

10. Leave


-                      Consolidate leave status for the month for all DMCs/DUCs/TCs and forward to UNICEF, Lucknow.



 11. Logistics – Hotel accommodation, transportation & Meetings:


-                      Responsible for logistics in respect of hotel accommodation and transportation for visitors as well as for sub regional meetings.


 12. Activity Report – to be submitted at the end of every month as per revised format.


 13. Reporting Relationship: AAs will report to and will be supervised by UNICEF, Lucknow.

However, instances of financial irregularities/mismanagement will be communicated by the AA both to the SRC as well as UNICEF, Lucknow UNICEF, Lucknow will inform both SRC & AA with regard to the action to be taken.


On programmatic issues, all field observations would be shared by AAs with respective SRCs for necessary action.


14. Submission of Mobility Claims by AAs


- Duty slips to be submitted along with transporter’s bill for each day of travel.




  1. Estimated duration of contract and deadline for submission of end product:


11 months




  1. Official travel involved:


As and when required.



  1. Qualification or specialized knowledge/experience required:


Completion of  bachelors degree in Commerce; working knowledge of computers, good writing and typing skills in both English and Hindi, independently handle office correspondence.

Minimum two years experience as finance and administrative assistant.