Terms of Reference – Block Mobilization Coordinator (BMC)


Major Tasks


·         Field supervision of CMCs - At least one supervisory visit per week to every CMC in her CMC area, to a maximum of three CMC areas per day to ensure adequate time with each CMC for a high quality interaction.

·         Identify, recruit and train (planning, coaching and problem solving etc) CMCs..

·         Ensuring that CMCs selected are as per the CMC profile i.e. 21 years female, of the same community, resident of the same locality & educated enough to maintain field book

·         Provide exhaustive formal orientation and on-the-job training to CMCs.

·         Initiate a joint analysis and planning exercise with CMCs as per suggested Activity Planning framework.

·         Report to DUCs on underserved interventions and DUCs to give feedback for appraisal of BMCs performance on underserved interventions.

·         Monitor effectiveness of CMC and the activities conducted by her/him.

·         Support CMCs in creating awareness and educating the community about ongoing activities for polio eradication and routine immunization.

·         Ensure inclusion of CMCs’ names in the block micro plan.

·         During HtH campaign, ensure that the CMCs accompany vaccinator teams and help the teams in vaccinating all children in the community. 

·         Coordinate with MOIC to assign CMCs to assist HtH B-teams in their areas requiring active social mobilization.

·         In consultation with the health department and guidance from SMO and DMC concerned, identify sub-block high risk areas.

·         Ensure through MOIC/MO that routine immunization services are made available to cover the missed children.

·         Support Tehsil Task Force/Block Task Force meetings in developing and implementing Block social mobilization plan.

·         Facilitate regular Block Social Mobilization Working Group Meetings.

·         Develop partnership with the Block MO/Supervisors/health workers to plan and implement social mobilization/IEC activities for the polio rounds and routine immunization.

·         Motivate and mobilize panchayats, religious leaders, schools, anganwadis and other local influencers at the block level and in resistant pockets.

·         Co-ordinate activities with NGOs working at block level for social mobilization.

·         Plan need based local specific activities for each CMC area based on CMC area performance analysis.

·         Clearly demarcate 500 house-holds in rural HRAs and 350 house-holds in urban HRAs to be covered by the CMC in consultation with partners ensuring adequate documentation.





·         Weekly feedback to DMC on progress, constraints and performance.

·         Detailed monthly plan by the 1st of every month. 

·         Detailed microplan of CMC activities.

·         Reporting forms and formats latest by the 2nd of every month.

·         Mobility and contingency claims by the 2nd of every month.

·         IEC bills and vouchers as per deadlines set by DMC.











·         Graduation and above, preference to a Masters degree in Social Sciences

·         Proven management, supervisory and analytical skills

·         Minimum of 2 years experience in community mobilization and/or working with NGOs and NGO networks

·         Evidence of excellent communication skills particularly supervising community level workers

·         Capacity of handling funds/accounting and reporting

·         Openness and willingness to work with people from ethnic, religious and socio-economic back ground.