Terms of Reference - District Mobilization Coordinator (DMC)


Major Tasks


         Field Supervision of BMCs in blocks assigned - At least two supervisory visits per month to every BMC, covering three CMC areas per BMC area per visit (ie, one BMC area per day). Where a DMC supervises more than ten BMCs he or she will be responsible for covering ten BMCs and the DUC will be responsible for the remaining BMCs, on the same terms described herein.

         During Supervisory visits provide feedback to BMCs on planned activities, ensuring quality interventions that focus strongly on interpersonal and group communication in resistant/underserved areas

         Train (build capacity of BMCs on skills, effective counselling such as partnership building, planning etc) and supervise them in the field

         Provide supervision and direction to BMCs in ensuring that CMCs are selected along the CMC profile i.e. 21 years female, of the same community, resident of the same locality & educated enough to maintain field book

         Prepare a district-specific plan of UNICEF-supported activities for NIDs & SNIDs (or any other form of Supplementary Immunization activities) , clearly identifying where CMCs are deployed and activities planned

         Prepare a monthly workplan of activities in support of social mobilization for Routine Immunization

         Promote and monitor block and community level activities for polio eradication and routine immunization in reluctant and underserved communities using a variety of approaches, including:

q        mobilizing faith/ religious leaders, volunteers (especially women) and Panchayat/ Nagarpalika members and other informal leaders

q        catalysing a network of NGOs, community-based organisations and existing social networks, and educational institutions - especially catering to underserved & minority communities

         Support/assist the District Task Force in developing and implementing a district-specific social mobilization plan for polio eradication and routine immunization

         Liaise with DIO for timely dissemination of IEC materials for polio eradication and routine immunization

         Inform Lucknow office, of any adverse media report or incident (such as adverse events following Immunization and adverse incidents during team visits etc.)

         On instruction from Lucknow, handle the media as suggested and report the follow-up action as directed.

         Ensure quality implementation of IEC activities (especially poster pasting, drum beating, loudspeaker, group meetings, rallies) and other persuasive communication techniques for polio eradication and routine immunization

         Provide direct, qualitative feedback from service providers and community members to CMOs and UNICEF/WHO/NPSP on efficacy of social mobilization strategy and promptly report/address rumours, adverse events and communication-related issues and concerns

         Negotiate for HRAs/H-H to be covered.

         Advocate with health department for health service delivery (R.I. sessions, health camps) for CMC areas.

         Respond quickly to emergency situations like WPV case confirmation, epidemic etc.

         Prepare IEC budgets for each round and submit it to SRC on time for approval by the Lucknow office.



         Monthly Report & Form A to be submitted by 7th to UNICEF Lukhnow

         District-level plan of UNICEF-supported activities for NID/SNID, or other SIAs

         Monthly workplan of activities in support of routine immunization

         Weekly activity report

         Monthly impact assessment report





         Graduate, preferably with Masters Degree in Social Sciences e.g. MSW

         Proven management, supervisory and analytical skills

         Minimum 3 years of experience in community mobilization and/or working with NGOs and NGO networks

         Good language proficiency in Hindi, knowledge of local dialects in district an asset

         Possess good understanding of various stakeholders, especially Health, ICDS, Panchayati Raj, Education Information, Department of Field Publicity, Press

         Familiar with the faiths, beliefs and cultural practices of communities (especially minority community)

         Computer skills (word-processing/spreadsheets/database)

         Experience working with UN Agencies/UNICEF preferred.