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    Policy and Guidelines        Surveillance of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) Field Guide

                                             IPPI Guide

                                             SM Net Guidelines for engaging consultants

                                             Guidelines for supportive supervision by SMNet

                                             BMC, DMC, DUC recruitment and dismissal policy

                                             Training Management

                                              Training Coordinator’s Reporting and Operational Guidelines

                                             CMC Training Budgets

                                             Administrative and Financial Manual


    Polio Cases Update            WPV cases update - 2007

                                             WPV cases update – 2008

                                             WPV cases update 2009

                                             WPV cases 2009 (Excel Sheet)


    Human Resource               SM Net Organisation Chart  

                                             Terms of Reference – SRC, TC, AA, DMC, DUC, BMC, CMC

                                             Human Resource by District

                                             SMNet Guidelines for engaging consultants

                                             Guidelines for supportive supervision by SMNet

                                             BMC, DMC, DUC recruitment and dismissal Policy    


    H R Directory                     Lucknow Polio Team

                                             Sub Regional Coordinators

                                             Training Coordinators- Sub Regional level    

                                             District Mobilization Coordinators

                                             District Underserved Coordinators

                                             Administrative Assistants

                                             Block Mobilization Coordinators

                                             Community Mobilization Coordinators


    Maps                                 Regional and District coverage                                   

                                             Multi agency CMC area

                                             SM Net Block Coverage

                                             Sub Region maps

                                             District maps

    Contact List  


    Training Update                Training Modules/ Materials

                                             Training reports


                                             Training Calendar 2009


    SIA Schedule     


    Forms and Format             IEC Monitoring Formats - General Promotion Material, Booth Day, H to H monitoring

                                             Monthly Reporting formats – Form A, Form B, Form C

                                             SIA Reporting formats

                                             Communication Planning formats

                                             Consultant Entry Form

                                             Interface Meeting Data format


    Message Board


    Underserved Strategy       USS Activity images

                                             Key appeals from institutions     


    Other Links                       UNICEF



                                             Global Polio Eradication Initiative

                                             Rotary International





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